research & writing

Documentation and Decontextualization in Nora Okka’s Spolia
a discussion of spoliation, archaeological method, and the concept of context, occasioned by the Gennadius Library's exhibition of work by Nora Okka
(forthcoming in RES: Anthropology and Aesthetics)

The Milesian Eponym List and the Revolt of 412 B.C.
epigraphic forensics reveal the striking intellectual– and political–history implications of a fragmentary inscription from Miletos
(The Journal of Epigraphic Studies 2 [2019]: 11–32)

Beazley’s Connoisseurship: Aesthetics, Natural History, and Artistic Development
interrogates the interdependence of expository form and intellectual ambition within Beazley's connoisseurial project
(Mètis: Anthropologie des mondes grecs anciens n.s. 17 [2019]: 101–19)

Classical Sculpture from the Athenian Agora, Part 2: The Friezes of the Temple of Ares (Temple of Athena Pallenis)
publishes a fragmentary fifth-century frieze excavated in the Athenian Agora (article written by Andrew Stewart; I was a member of research team)
(Hesperia: The Journal of the American School of Classical Studies at Athens 88 [2019]: 625–705)

Stasis and Reconciliation: Politics and Law in Fourth-Century Greece
argues that dispute resolution in private law provided the conceptual and practical model for ending civil strife; briefly explores further implications for Classical Greek politics
(Chiron: Mitteilungen der Kommission für Alte Geschichte und Epigraphik des Deutschen Archäologischen Instituts 46 [2016]: 119–55)

work in progress

Sea of Divergence: Athenian Imperialism in the Fifth-Century Aegean
a revision of my 2018 dissertation, presenting a novel, ground-up account of the fifth-century Athenian empire (particularly ca. 480-450) by drawing on poetry, archaeological material, epigraphy, and art

The American School of Classical Studies: A Narrative Timeline and The Academic Program
chapters in a forthcoming history of the American School (co-edited with the School's Director, Jenifer Neils)

book reviews

of Alain Duplouy: Construire la cité: Essai de sociologie historique sur les communautés de l’archaïsme grec (Paris, 2019) (forthcoming in Polis: The Journal for Ancient Greek and Roman Political Thought)

of Vasiliki Zachari, Élise Lehoux, Noémie Hosoi (eds.): La Cité des regards: Autour de François Lissarrague (Rennes, 2019)

of Joseph G. Manning: The Open Sea: The Economic Life of the Ancient Mediterranean World from the Iron Age to the Rise of Rome (Princeton, 2018)
(with an informal sequel available here)

of Denver Graninger: Cult and Koinon in Hellenistic Thessaly (Leiden, 2011)